Another Year Begins at WCM

WCM character #3It has been really nice to see everyone back after the summer break. Lots of smiling faces and people seem genuinely pleased to be back.  We have had 2 days with the staff and I have to say we have such an amazing team of people at WCM who want to do the very best they can for all the children and families that come through our door.

We welcome Hannah Mallinson and Clare Wilson into our Y3 team and say congratulations to Emma Walker who had a baby girl, Isabella Hope over the summer.

You may also have noticed that over the summer we had some building work done on the lower floor to create a permanent ‘break out’ dining space; our new ‘Oasis’.  Although the room is finished it will be a few weeks before we are able to properly furnish the room with the eventual furniture that it will have as we couldn’t order it until the space was completed.  Space is a premium at WCM so this room is certainly a welcome addition to our school.

Mrs Bradley and I are very keen to make this our best year ever at WCM, although I am sure we will say that at the start of every year.  Please come and see us if there is anything that you are worried about or have thoughts on how we can make our school even better. We will always be striving to improve on what we already do for our children.

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