Arts Week

WCM character #2Wow! Arts Week has been amazing this year, our children (and staff) never cease to amaze me.  The theme this year has been ‘Inspire or Aspire’ and the week started with a fabulous assembly led by Mrs Gordon and a rather odd looking William Shakespeare.  There was also an excellent dance performance by 3 girls from Longley College who told us about their aspirations.

The whole week has been looking at people that inspire us and people or things that we aspire to be.  The workshops on Wednesday produced some very impressive art from printing to, 3d sculptures and there was even a group producing their own pop videos.

Performance was definitely an important feature of this year’s Arts Week and every class was paired up with another to perform something that they put together over the week.  These were drawn randomly from William Shakespeare’s hat on Monday. Mr Read and I got to watch quite a number of the performances on Friday and not only were the performances (including props, masks and outfits in some cases) pretty impressive but it was also really lovely to see how much the audiences appreciated watching each other.  We haven’t done Arts Week in this way before but it certainly made it a very special end to the week. I’m sure pictures or videos will end up on some of the class blogs for you to see.

We also had quite a number of visiting artists over the week and they all went away very impressed with the enthusiasm and engagement of our children.  A huge thanks to all the staff for their huge contributions to making it a special week and to Mrs Gordon for co-ordinating the events of the week!


One thought on “Arts Week

  1. What a fantastic looking blog. I can’t believe you set it up on your own Mrs Bradley!!

    Well done

    Mr B

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