Learning Principles

It has been fantastic giving out the new badges for Learning Principles in assembly. Listening to the explanations about why and how children earn them is an inspiration to us all. Children also get a postcard home to their family to explain their achievement. Why not call in to the entrance hall to have a look at the achievements of our children so far?

You can also have a look at other things our children have achieved like The Calc test, attendance and children who have passed their handwriting!

Reading Buddies

Here are our Reading Buddies Jamie and Isaac. They come down to our room most days to do reading or other learning such as maths or comprehension. At the moment we are reading Tom Gates Excellent Excuses together. It is a great book and once we finish it Jamie and Isaac are going to write a review and we will post it on here.



Happy Birthday!

Having a Birthday at WCM is a special time if you come to the office to see Mr read or Mrs Bradley. You get to choose from the traditional Birthday Hamster or the more with it Birthday Frog who sings Happy birthday to you. Then you can choose a gift from our Birthday treats. The new pens are going down a treat! The chocolates from Lego Head are the last thing (you get 2 when you are in double figures)!
So…if it is your Birthday please come and see us and join in the fun.
Here are Fridays visitors both Lydia and Eleanor were 11!


Happy New Year

A big Happy New Year to you all. Mr Read and I hope you have had a lovely Christmas break and that you are well rested and ready for more learning in 2014.
It will be lovely to see you all back in school on Monday, will be round the classes first thing to say hello to you all. Enjoy the last day of the holiday and get to bed early ready for Monday morning!