Free School Dinner!

On Thursday 2nd October we are launching our new Autumn/Winter lunch menu, and on that day we would like every child to try our dinners in school for free!

On this day there will be a choice of

Hot Dinner:    Meat and Potato Pie

Sausage and Mash

Quorn sausage and mash

Jacket potato with a filling of:


Cottage cheese



Cottage Cheese


Hot filling of the day (e.g. chilli)

Pick ‘n’ Mix lunch:

Pasta pots

Savoury rice pots,



Mini ploughman’s lunch

Choice of pudding or fruit/yoghurt.

All children can try a hot meal from our new menu, have a jacket potato from our new “Spud Bar” with a range of fillings, or try a pick and mix packed lunch with new items available. The best thing is for one day only it won’t cost you a penny! There will also be prizes for the children who get a lucky star on the bottom of their plate.

So if your child usually has a packed lunch from home why not let them try one of our meals for free on this day, and you never know, they may also win a prize!

If your child is going to have a free school meal on Thursday 2nd October they just need to let their teacher know on that morning.

Toddler Group

Calling all parents and carers with young children from birth – preschool. We are setting up a toddler group here at Watercliffe Meadow on Tuesday Mornings starting 16th September 9.15-10.45 in the hall. The toddler group will focus on play and give your toddlers an introduction to sport, dance and music in a fun and relaxed environment. The cost of this will be 50p, which includes a snack and drink for the children in the café. Parents will also be able to purchase refreshments at snack time from the café. This group will be run by Sam Dyson, however, parent volunteers and ideas are very welcome. We hope to see you there!

Welcome Back

WCM character #2WCM character #3

We would like to welcome everyone back to Watercliffe Meadow after the long summer holidays. We would also like to welcome any new families to the school, if there is anything you need to know, just ask.

It has been so lovely in school over the last two days. Having all the children back and listening to the fantastic times they have shared with families and friends has been a delight. We have had quite a number of completed Summer Reading Challenges. If you have not yet completed it you have until next Friday, 30 reads earns you a Reading Robot badge!

The ‘Story Sacks Home Learning Challenge’ that have come in to school so far have been amazing. Keep them coming in, it is great to see the learning you and your children have done at home together. We will be sharing the story sacks in class over the next few weeks.

We want to make WCM the best place possible for your children to attend but we can only do that with your help and support. If you think we are doing something wrong, come and see us with a better idea. Together we can sort anything!

If you want to ask us anything why not drop us a line on the contact form below!