Free School Dinner!

On Thursday 2nd October we are launching our new Autumn/Winter lunch menu, and on that day we would like every child to try our dinners in school for free!

On this day there will be a choice of

Hot Dinner:    Meat and Potato Pie

Sausage and Mash

Quorn sausage and mash

Jacket potato with a filling of:


Cottage cheese



Cottage Cheese


Hot filling of the day (e.g. chilli)

Pick ‘n’ Mix lunch:

Pasta pots

Savoury rice pots,



Mini ploughman’s lunch

Choice of pudding or fruit/yoghurt.

All children can try a hot meal from our new menu, have a jacket potato from our new “Spud Bar” with a range of fillings, or try a pick and mix packed lunch with new items available. The best thing is for one day only it won’t cost you a penny! There will also be prizes for the children who get a lucky star on the bottom of their plate.

So if your child usually has a packed lunch from home why not let them try one of our meals for free on this day, and you never know, they may also win a prize!

If your child is going to have a free school meal on Thursday 2nd October they just need to let their teacher know on that morning.


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