Taekwondo Maths!

Today I tested my first ever child to see if they knew their 11 times table inside out. Ella was amazing and could tell me her table backwards, tell me the product of 2 numbers, answer word problems about the tables and many more different questions! Ella will now receive her band to recognise she has passed! Congratulations Ella.


WCM Bake Off!

Christmas Bake-Off

Due to the success of last year’s Bake-Off, we are again holding this competition, this year on the day of our Christmas Fayre – Tuesday 2nd December.

Children can bring in a cake (or buns) with the theme of “Christmas”. These will be judged by a panel of judges, headed by our very our Mary Berry – Mrs Senior. There will be prizes for the best cake/buns decorated with the theme of Christmas for each year group.

After the judging has been completed we would like to sell the baking at the Tuck Shop at social time, and also at the Christmas Fayre in the afternoon, and this will help to raise money for our School Fund.

Please bring your child’s baking creations to the Studio on the morning of the Christmas Fayre – Tuesday 2nd December.

Good Luck!

Hero Show

On Wednesday we had a puppet show in school to help us understand and learn more about World War 1 and all the people who lost their lives fighting. It was very emotional and interesting. It was called HERO which stands for Help Everyone Respect Others.