The photographer will be in school on Wednesday 18th November to take individual photographs. The photographers are also coming in to school on Monday 26th October, the first Monday of the holidays, to take family group photographs. We have organised this again to give you the opportunity to bring older siblings and extended family members in to school. This year we have requested 2 photographers to make the waiting time shorter.

Fire Fighter Clothes Collection

Fire Fighter Clothes Collection

We are doing another clothing collection in conjunction with the Fire Fighters. If you have any spare clothes please bring them in to school ready for collection next Wednesday 21st October. You can bring clothes in from tomorrow 16th October.

Can you run a marathon?

On the first Sunday of the October Half Term Mr Read will be running in the Frankfurt Marathon. That is a staggering 26.2 miles and he aims to complete it in under 3 hours 15 minutes. Now that is a bit of a challenge and takes months of training but here is a challenge for you…If you complete 282 laps of our running track then that is equivalent to a full marathon. Think you can do it? Sam and Jodi will be at the running track every Monday and Wednesday lunchtime with their helpers to count laps and ensure it is all done above board and accurately. You need to register your name with Sam or Jodi before you run or your laps won’t count. So go along and join in the challenge!