A Message From Janet Charlton…

A message of thanks to all families I have worked with (and those that escaped!) over the years.

You may or may not yet be aware that I am no longer working for the Parkwood Academy family of schools and therefore, Watercliffe Meadow.

Some of you will no doubt be pleased to know I will not be jumping out from behind cars or trees -this is truly an urban myth – to ask whether you will come to a course. Hopefully though, there will still be someone encouraging you to get involved.

Many of you have supported your children through Family Learning courses and in turn, found a desire to improve your own qualifications through Adult Learning. Doing so, enabled many of you to find employment – especially as Teaching Assistants across various schools in the area. This couldn’t have been done without the amazing support your child’s school gives its families by providing opportunities to gain experience through volunteering and Family Learning.

If one of the aims of the project was to give local people more confidence and improve skills and qualifications, rest assured it also gave me an opportunity to find my true self. Through working with and for such wonderful people, I became a more confident, expressive, caring and supportive person than I could have ever imagined.

I received so many cards and presents from people saying that if it wasn’t for me they wouldn’t be working or feeling as confident as they do but my answer to that has always been that YOU are the ones who made that happen not me – always remember that!

So I thank you all for giving me 16 wonderful years working for you and your children – without your involvement I wouldn’t have lasted that long!

P.S. I hope to be able to call sometime soon to thank everyone who sent cards, beautiful presents, letters of thanks and also those of you I would like to thank personally who were unable to make it to Watercliffe on the last day (everything happened so quickly there wasn’t time to let everyone know) but unfortunately, I can’t drive at the moment due to stepping too far onto a plank and ending up in A&E!

If you are now imagining a scene from a Carry On film or a scene from Tom and Jerry then you are on the right lines….

With lots of love and thanking you all for the memories,



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