Beacons Lantern Procession

Beacons Lantern Procession

This year’s Lantern Procession will take place on Saturday October 13th, setting off from the car park on Cooks Wood Road at about 5.45pm. The WCM Y4s are going to make lanterns to take along on the night.

The Procession will set off at 5.45pm led by the Sheffield Samba Band, and will go through the trees to the viewpoint as the lights are turned on over the city. After activities there, the Procession will return to the football field as


dusk falls, for a lantern-lit finale with the Samba Band.

There will be a coffee/tea stall with Bean Rover, and Indian Street Food provided by ‘Fancy an Indian’.  Last year there were some incredible lanterns, and the atmosphere was wonderful. It’s a really good opportunity for young and old to walk round Parkwood Springs, see the views over the city as the dusk falls, and have a good time together.  Everyone is welcome, but please come in sensible clothing and bring a torch. Everything takes place outdoors, and it will be dark by the end of the evening.

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