Beacons Lantern Procession

Beacons Lantern Procession

This year’s Lantern Procession will take place on Saturday October 13th, setting off from the car park on Cooks Wood Road at about 5.45pm. The WCM Y4s are going to make lanterns to take along on the night.

The Procession will set off at 5.45pm led by the Sheffield Samba Band, and will go through the trees to the viewpoint as the lights are turned on over the city. After activities there, the Procession will return to the football field as


dusk falls, for a lantern-lit finale with the Samba Band.

There will be a coffee/tea stall with Bean Rover, and Indian Street Food provided by ‘Fancy an Indian’.  Last year there were some incredible lanterns, and the atmosphere was wonderful. It’s a really good opportunity for young and old to walk round Parkwood Springs, see the views over the city as the dusk falls, and have a good time together.  Everyone is welcome, but please come in sensible clothing and bring a torch. Everything takes place outdoors, and it will be dark by the end of the evening.


Parent Governor

Parent Governor

We currently have a space on our Governing Body for a parent governor.  If you feel you would like to join us please call in to the office and speak to Liz Graham by Friday 12thOctober.


This year to mark the Harvest Celebration we are thinking about food and those people who are not always lucky enough to have enough food at home. Last year the Jubilee Food Bank, based at the Meadows Children’s Centre, supported lots of families in the Shirecliffe area by providing food parcels. We would like to support the food bank by collecting food donations. These are the items that they are short on at the moment:
Tinned veg
Tinned potatoes or instant mash
Rice pudding
Porridge oats.

Any donations can be taken to your child’s class or dropped at the office. Thank you in advance for your support. We will be bringing all the donated food together to Assembly on Friday 21st September. Here is their web page in-case you want more information.

Welcome Back

Well here we are at the beginning of our 11th year at WCM.

We welcome everyone back to Watercliffe Meadow after the long summer holidays. We would also like to welcome any new families to the school, if there is anything you need to know, just ask, staff will always be happy to help.

It has been so lovely in school over the last few days. Having all the children back and listening to the fantastic times they have shared with families and friends has been a delight. We have had quite a number of the Summer Reading challenges back. If you have not yet completed it you have until next Friday; 30 reads earns you a Reading Robot badge!

We want to make WCM the best place possible for your children to attend but we can only do that with your help and support. If you think we are doing something wrong, come and see us with a better idea. Together we can sort anything! Please remember if you wish to see your child’s class teacher to discuss any issues, please call to the office and a member of the team will make an appointment.

The End of Another Year!

The End of the Year!

Here we are at the end of another school year that has seen so many memories, lots of learning and endless fun and laughter. It has been a pleasure to share in your children’s learning journey this year. There are always ups and downs but also some incredible moments along the way!

It is with a tear in our eyes that we say good-bye to our wonderful Year 6 children as they move on to comprehensive school in September. We wish them every success in the next part of their journey. We ask one thing of you Year 6 children…remember all we have ever said about Golden Rules and life skills and most of all remember the ‘world Is yours’ and you can be who you want to be!

We would like to say an enormous well done to the cast and choir who joined together to make such a memorable performance of High School Musical. Under the skilful guidance of Miss Heap, the children performed their hearts out. It was a real team effort from the actors and the back stage team. Some of our children definitely need to make sure they join a drama group when they get to secondary school. It is so rewarding watching the children perform and we are all very proud of them. A big thank you to all the staff who played a part in making the performance possible, to Hillsborough College for hosting us and to all the families who came along to watch.

Parents Evening & WCM University Files

Parents Evening & WCM University Files

Thank you to all the families that came along to parents’ evening yesterday, it was lovely seeing you sharing the learning your child has completed over the last year. This year, a lot of time and effort has gone into putting together the end of year report that we hope will be more meaningful than the reports we have previously sent out. We have called these reports our WCM University Folders. Most of you will have seen them in development at previous parents’ evenings. We are already thinking of how we can make the WCM University Folders even better for next year but we would value your feedback and thoughts on what you like about them and any suggestions for improvements next year. The feedback slip went out with the reports yesterday.

We hope that the folder is something that you will want to keep and look back on in future years and we look forward to receiving your feedback.

After School Activities

After School Activities

We are just in the process of compiling the list of After School Activities for September. We will be offering the usual options of Computers, Cross Country, Little Cooks and SWFC but would like to add more variety to the list. Have you got any ideas of what we could do? Do you know anyone who could deliver different activities to the children? If you do please call in and let us know.